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Whatever your flat roofing needs, Vision Waterproofing can provide the best long term solutions; whether it’s a simple domestic flat roof, a high rise office block, or an industrial complex, our latest “high performance” flat roof technology is exactly what you need.  Nearly every aspect of the new flat roofing products we use are geared towards saving money and  resources, either with a longer life expectancy of the product, improved insulation, greener environmental benefits, or providing additional space with minimum cost.

The latest “high performance” flat roof technology is not just cost effective, long lasting and fully guaranteed; it’s also carbon friendly, easily installed, aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to practically any situation.  We can remove your old felt flat roof and stop the recurring problems of leaks and heat loss and at the same time, offer you a quality flat roof with a life expectancy in excess of 50 years and a 20 year warranty.  When it comes to replacing or repairing flat roofs, whatever you need, we can provide it, and quality and value for money is guaranteed!

Our specialised approach to flat roofing is always cost effective and long term, our solutions are comprehensive and based on experience; our consultants can advise on a wide range of quality roofing products, designs and applications.

Whatever your roofing needs, we can advise on updating your flat roof insulation to help you save money on heating and lower your Carbon Footprint, we can also explain the local council’s Building Regulations, register the work for you as required by law and pay the council: we do all the work for you!  
It is important to remember that Vision Waterproofing don’t just specialise in “high performance” flat roofing, our technical department can also advise on EPDM installation, Part L insulation, industrial guttering, industrial gutter relining, green roofs, roof gardens, photovoltaic roofing, safety handrails and asbestos removal.

Call 01473 858885 for a free “high performance” flat roof  “no obligation” quote or take the opportunity to speak to one of our consultants about any of our cost effective roofing solutions.